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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 4 Challenge: Refrigerator and Freezer spaces

Week 4 of the 52 weeks to an Organized Home.
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Well its the end of week 4 and I am glad that is done. Cleaning out the freezers is a real pain, but I am glad it is done now. Mostly because I now really know what food I have in my home. I also realized that I have ALOT of food in my house. Maybe not as much as those Extreme Couponing Ladies, but I really need to plan some menus to use the foods I have in the freezers.

So here is my Fridge before picture:
And here is the after picture. Looks a little too empty, if you ask me, LOL all I did was purge the older food, dump the older leftovers, and consolidate the few things that I could.

Here is the Freezer over the fridge: This one did get quite a bit of purging. I also moved some items to the larger Freezer too. I have a habit of shoving things in this freezer, with the intention of moving it to the bigger Freezer, but then the items never get moved.
Here it is all neaten up! I decided to only keep a few specific types of items in this freezer. Everything else is in the bigger Freezer in the basement.
Here is my Bigger Freezer in our basement: Everything was just shoved in willy-nilly. We frequently had a hard time finding anything there! I emptied my freezer on a shelf by shelf basis. I tossed out some older items that looked a tad freezer burned. It was mostly bread items. I need to rethink how I store those types of things. I also pulled out every plastic storage container and identified them all, and labeled them if they were going back into the freezer.
Here is the top few shelves of the freezer reorganized. I bought these plastic baskets from Target. They have a wide weave, so air can move through them and they are STURDY! They hold most of the smaller items that tend to get lost in the freezer. The top green ones have veggies in them. The next shelf is my chicken shelf. The blue bin has smaller packets of cut up chicken. Next to it is 4 whole roasters and some chicken thighs. I always buy the roasters when our store has then B1G1 free.
The red basket hold smaller packages of beef and that larger green tub on the shelf below has frozen pizzas and other prepackaged dinner items.
The bottom had frozen Fruits and desserts.
Its still packed solid, and it doesn't look all that organized other than the baskets. I am going to work out a better system for meal planning and shopping, and that in turn should help better organizing my food storage.

Well at least its done, and the best part is that I now have a detailed list of what is in my freezers.

Off to plan some menus!

Thanks for visiting today. I'll be back in a week with the next challenge post.

Have a great week!


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